There are zillions of artistic bathroom possibilities in all different hues. But specifically in this blog, we are going to focus on small bathrooms. The small bathrooms can be delightful if designed with the proper inclusion of techniques by residential interior designers. Our best interior designers in Pune will discuss some tips and tricks on how to create the best bathroom interior despite having a limited space.

 Here are some brilliant ideas by our best interior designers in Pune to help you design a bathroom that looks spacious, ventilated, and elegant. 

  1. A corner sink: The goal here to use every corner of the space to make everything fit in the available space. If you are running out of space, installing a pedestal sink can disrupt the only traffic lane. Also, a corner sink near the toilet is a better choice than a sink across the shower. 
  2. A sliding door or shower curtain: Using a glass door that moves in and out can disrupt the entire space. Instead, use a sliding door or shower curtain to create the partition. 
  3. A floating vanity: Mounting a vanity above the floor frees up space and visually help the bathroom look bigger. 
  4. A Round Vanity: When running out of space, sharp edge corners can be hazardous. Choose round vanity to install in your bathroom. It will surely become a wow factor in the bathroom.
  5. Use large-scale patterns: Select large-scale patterns as your bathroom tiles to trick the eyes in seeing extended space. Although the square footage might stay the same, the bathroom will feel bigger. 
  6. Design with mirrors: Mirrors in itself is a significant decor item, and in the tight spaces, a mirror stretched across the wall will make it look bigger and beautiful.
  7. Skip the shower door: Choose a glass panel instead of a glass shower door. It will keep the water in the shower and avoid splashing of water around the bathroom. 
  8. Use an eye-catching mirror: A simple mirror can also do the job, but if you are looking for a game-changer design than choose an extraordinary mirror. An attention-grabbing mirror will uplift the entire space and look luxurious.
  9. Install a Trough Sink: If you are looking for a clean and sleek solution, install a trough sink for an attractive space solution. When wall-mounted, it frees up the space below the sink and foot traffic.
  10. Wall-Mounted Faucet: Mounting a faucet on the wall allows you to choose a narrow sink, thus freeing up the counter space. There are tones of faucet designs available. You can either choose a traditional or modern one depending on the type of ambience you set around the bathroom.

To know more on designs, colour palette, texture, and architecture, visit our commercial interior designer in Pune. Our brilliant and creative professionals will help you create home interiors of your dream.