Architecture and designing tends to influence the minds of people. A beautifully decorated space triggers relaxation and also a sense of joy. Dream Studio has a team of the best interior designers in Pune who feel that while decorating a home it is very important to promote innovation and creativity in order to produce the best results. With the changing trend in lifestyle many people look for new ways to decorate their home which will make it look stylish and appealing. To keep up with the growing trend in designing, the interior designers in Pune have brought forth a range of decorating techniques which are changing the looks of many residential homes in Pune.

the interior decorators at Dream Studio suggest these tips which can help you to decorate your home and make it a beautiful and dreamy haven.

Setting a Unified Theme

Each room should be decorated in such a way that it reflects the style and persona of the individual. Hence it is essential to create a theme or a style or a mood which will flow throughout. You can go in for a unified or central theme which is applicable to all the rooms of your home.

Creating Innovative Storage space

Staircase Storage

Innovation is the key to a successful interior decoration. It is very important to optimize storage by making proper utilization of the given space. This will not only make your room look clean but also clutter free. If you have a stairway you can set up a hidden closet to store your stuff. Including drawers below each staircase is another great storage idea. You can dedicate a secluded work space for your computer. The area below the staircase can also be used as a library or a reading corner wherein you can enjoy some quality time in peace and solitude.

Kitchen Storage

In the case of kitchen you can use the area below the sink and create extra storage space. Space can also be maximized in kitchens with baseboard drawers for storing small items.

Bathroom Storage

Storage in bathrooms can include beautiful floating cabinets, shower cabinets and pixie cabinets which can be attached to the doors.

Beautifying the Windows

Beautiful draperies and window treatments will surely add glamour to your rooms. Choose exotic curtains like valence, swag valence, etc to give the perfect window treatment. You can make better use of the space near your windows by adding a window seat. It will surely be a pleasurable experience to enjoy your cup of tea by the sun filled bright windows, read, relax and listen to your favorite tunes.

Livening up the Walls

It is very important to give proper treatment to the walls as they take up maximum space in your rooms. You can add visual interest to the walls by including the following:

  • Make the wall paint the focal point of the room as it can change the feel and look of the room.

  • Choose wall papers according to the rooms you are going to decorate.

  • Use a border (pop or wooden) to frame your walls which will compliment the wall paint as well as the wall paper.

  • Include large mirrors to make a small room look large. They also make the room more reflective and radiant.

  • Add Wall Stencils, Wall decals, photo frames and wall wordings which will make your walls all the more impressive.

Updating Rooms with Furniture and Lights

Furniture and illuminating Fixtures add glamour to any rooms. Choose the appropriate furniture and space them perfectly to make the rooms look impressive. Beautiful upholsteries and furnishings like curtains, cushions, etc can brighten up your space. Choose space saving contemporary furniture so that they can make the rooms look neat. Pendant lights, wall sconce, chandeliers, etc. are exquisite additions to the rooms which make the rooms more attractive and alluring.

Every aspect of interior designing has to be taken into account and each and every corner of the house should be given equal importance. Novelty and Creative ideas has been the hallmark of Dream Studio. They have a team of the qualified and dedicated interior decorators in Pune who have decorated unique spaces and have completely transformed dull looking interiors into stylish and trendy dwellings.