Homes reflect our mood, taste and character. It is a place where one relaxes and unwinds after a hectic day at work. While there are different design styles with specific characteristics of their own, these are just indicative. A home with a Scandinavian look might be customised to the owners’ taste with elements of a home with a Modern look.

In order to avoid our house being stereotyped as a particular style we can include some of our own style inputs to match and reflect our personality.

Dream Studio, a famous interior designing firm in Pune lists the following as the different styles in Interior Design:

This style is dominated by the use of geometric shapes, simple backgrounds and utilitarian furniture. On the whole, there is stress on space maximisation, simplicity in colours and minimalist in terms of style.

This design form reflects the Classic architectural designs. Antiques combined with decorated floral patterns, elaborate embellishments as accessories, wooden floorings with walls painted with neutral colours are some of the features of this design style.

Eccentric, innovative, unconventional and youthful. These are some of the words that describe this particular type of style. It can be considered as part of modern style although Contemporary design style has influences of todays hi tech world while retaining the aesthetic identity.

A rustic, old world charm with classic furniture and floral or pastel patterns in furnishings define a Country Design style. Earthy or pastel colours are predominantly used among the furnishings while intricately carved wooden furniture; wooden flooring is some of the other features.

Industrial Modern:
Industrial design style is characterized by rough surfaces, use of heavy metals for furniture or accessories and large unfinished decorative pieces. The flooring maybe of rough stone or concrete, while the walls may have beams and columns made of steel or wood. Colour choices could either be dull or colours that are toned down

The words nautical or coastal immediately take our mind to the seashore. This design style refers to the use of sand, shells, corals and oysters as decorations. Colours used are basically blue and white.

Scandinavian interior design reflects a minimalist look featuring wooden floors and interiors. Furniture based on functionality, usage of light colours and a lot of emphases on natural beauty are some of the features.

Natural and simple architectural designs highlight Japanese design form.Furnitureis short and closer to the ground with wooden flooring, less cluttered furniture which gives a feeling of space.Sliding doors are typical to Japanese design.

The Indian interior design style is influenced by use of brass or bronze artefacts, furnishings with animal motifs, use of terracotta and clay objects as display pieces.Swings in the living area is another feature unique to the Indian design.