If you are scouting for an easy and chic way to change the overall ambience of your home, color ideas are sure to offer you the best rescue. Colors of walls, floorings, rugs, curtains, furniture upholsteries and anything and everything in the home can convey the essence of theme and personal style you wish to express. With little imagination and our expert home color ideas given below, the task has been really made easier for you.

Funky Yellow: What can be a better choice to kick start your journey through colors if not for yellow, which easily provides the freshness you have been yearning for. Be it with green base in the living room or burgundy in the dining room, yellow is the color that can transform the look of your home in a single go. As an added tip, yellow being a highly versatile hue, can be added to any other color to get a decent combination.

Glorious Green: If you are the one who dares to think a step ahead, perhaps saturated shades of green can be the right choice. With intense army green color walls and neutral color fabrics and furnishings in your rooms, the element of mismatch is absolutely minimal. Inspiration is the key for home color ideas and a visit to your local garden can throw umpteen ideas to play with green color!

Bright Orange: Orange shaded walls need not be present only in kid’s rooms to spread the thought of energy. It can very well be used in the living room to have a dynamic backdrop for many of the wall hangings and art works or neutrally colored fire places. With lighter shaded curtains and upholsteries, contrasting sofa cushions, a warmly lit orange shaded room is sure to mesmerize you.

Purple: Your need for a calming and soothing color can be easily satiated by the lovely shades of purple. Yes, this surprising color has a huge potential to blend naturally with outside ambience and all your finishes and frames inside your house. But what makes this unique color is that it can render a brilliant glow to your west facing rooms during sunsets and of course you ought to have a large window to allow sun rays!

Deep blue: No, we are not joking, but deep blue walls is one of the upcoming trends that have been rocking interior designing concepts. Deep blue has its own ability to radiate light, but without appearing dark. Isn’t it wonderful? And needless to say, wooden flooring with neutral color complementing furniture would be the best partner for your deep blue walls.

Elegant ebony: If you are on the lookout for a perfect shade for wooden paneled walls, why not opt for ebony, rather than the usual ones like teak or light brown. With a washed out look, this has to be your first choice if you prefer rustic appearance.

Soft pink: How about a soft toned pink for your living room wall? When the walls are balanced with dark shaded hangings or displays and earth colored, and textured floorings, you are most likely to get stunned with the effect. And this bridal pink colored wall can always be accentuated by deep brown furniture along with liberal placement of indoor flowering plants.

The above ideas are just a tip of the iceberg and it is time now to spread your wings of imagination. Remember, a perfect blend of color, textures, application, utilization and finishing touches can only render the effect you have been striving for. If you need any professional help, do not hesitate to contact us; having been reputed as a creative Interior designer in Pune, we are always available to extend our hand in achieving your dream home by infusing brilliant interior design ideas that encompasses all aspects associated with them.