We all have made a grand entry into 2017 and it is definitely the best time to analyze color palettes that are likely to rule this year. While 2016 had been a marvelous year with stunning colors, many clients are enquiring interior designers in Pune like us to know which color is the hot choice. Well, it is definitely worth exploring all the trendy options so that a chic and inspiring outlook for your living pad or commercial space can be easily gained.
Green: If you were of the opinion that green has been forgotten by design world, you can’t be more farther from truth. Yes, green has made a marvelous entry back into design fold and is roaring with success.
Bluegrass green: What once used to be the typical color shade of vinyl floorings, it has now found space in walls and sofa cushions. Believe us, it is here to stay for long time.
Apple green: If you love green and dual tones, then apple green is the smart choice for your living room. This sophisticated color easily blends with off white or light shades and brings out your theme in a jiffy.
Olive green: If you love traditional designs but still would like to embrace the latest vogue, head straight to olive greens.

Yellow: Being a brighter shade, it requires huge appetite of risk to have your walls painted with yellow. But it is worth noting here that once you are convinced with yellow around your space, you can never be short of happiness.
Sunshine yellow: Ofcourse, yellow walls are always magnetic to eyes in food related commercial establishments, but what about homes that focuses on trends? The answer is quite simple – lemon yellow can be used anywhere in your house – curtains, wall hangings, cushion covers and even floors.
Dusted yellow: If you would like to emphasize the presence of accent pieces, it would definitely not be a wrong choice to opt soft or dusted yellow shade walls. Infact, this would be the perfect choice for your kitchen cabinets or kid’s tables!
Blue: With loads of shades available under the family of blue, the task of picking the trendy blue is rather difficult. But few shades have performed spectacularly and are well poised to traverse this year.
Bluish dusk: No, it is not a scary color anymore, assures one of the creative interior designers in Pune. As an added tip, go for full wall painting with this shade and get the maximum result.
Bluish green: Love nature? Love aqua? Well, straight away pick the can of bluish green for your pad. And make sure to have complementing colors of furniture and floorings to emphasize your choice of this age old but still trendy color.
Powdery blue: If you prefer the path of traditional appearance, perhaps the best bet is powdery blue. Try it.
Other colors: Have a soft corner for dark shades? How about black chiffon or mineral gray? With right choice of colors for dual toned walls, furniture and windows, it gives the royal outlook for your space and makes it classy.
Well there are many more eyeball attractive shade ideas under our kitty that can mesmerize onlookers. Having understood the trends for this year, you can always pick any of the suggestions made above by one of the reputed residential or commercial interior designers in Pune. Let’s make a better place to live.