With each passing year, more and more people are gravitating towards cosy and comfortable houses that are easy to maintain. The demand for smart homes is increasing in urban apartments. But the biggest challenge in these compact flats is space. One needs to plan the interior design and furniture according to the area provided that spruce up the decor and add utility to create more space in your room.

If you are wondering where to place those beautiful, luxurious pieces of furniture do not worry.
Here are amazing tips and tricks to help you reduce the clutter and save more space.

Storage Benches 

Benches should not get confined only to classrooms, gardens, and community parks. They have become one of the biggest trends among millennials. You can either paint it in wooden colour or experiment with a bold colour to uplift the entire feel of your home. Create a storage room beneath the bench and cover it with cushions to make a great home decor addition.

Storage Stools

If you are exhausted picking up your kid’s toys all day, here is a simple solution. Create storage stools and place them in a corner or at an easily-accessible place. These stools are mostly made of laminate or cardboard. 

Two Seater Sofas

Every homeowner loves bringing home a three-seater sofa, but sadly, not many guests take an interest in seating uptight. As a result, the middle seat goes vacant in every family get together. Therefore, interior designers have encouraged this trend of installing a two-seater sofa.

Wall Shelves

Decorating your souvenirs as a display, help establish a characteristic room. However, very few know the art of display. Our interior designers in Pune suggest installing floating wall shelves mounted equally spaced on one another. You can either choose a simple 2-4 planks or something more ornate.

Sofa-Cum Beds

In an era where 1BHK flats are back in trend, the sofa-cum beds have regained their lost popularity. These beds are three-seater sofas without any cushions. It can easily get folded and transformed into a last-minute guest bed. 

This generation believes in decluttering. However, one need not compromise on style to accommodate the basic amenities of their home. Get professional help from our leading home interior designers in Pune and create a cozy, functional, and stylish home.