A radiant and spacious home is what every owner dreams. Sometimes, this renovation dream becomes a daunting task due to budget constraints. So, our interior designers in Pune have curated some simplest yet out of box renovation ideas to recreate your home. 

One drastic change

Pick one corner of your home that attracts more attention from every eye. It can be your living room, entrance, windows, or dividers (the space that divides your dining room and kitchen). If your ceiling looks dull and boring, create a false ceiling with lighting arrangements to uplift the entire space.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances

Solar panels, LED lights, and other star-rated appliances will save you considerable money in the future. Invest in these products and appliances for a cost-effective solution.

Customize the kitchen

The kitchen is the space where we mostly connect with our loved ones. Suppose your budget permits invest in a modular kitchen with customization. Also, there are many pre-designed kitchens available in showrooms. Take your time to choose one that suits your needs and kitchen interiors.

Don’t fall for grandeur.

Spacious kitchens and large living rooms may be a trend these days. But, if you are running on a tight budget, you can seek help from an interior designer to create compact spaces that need fewer construction materials and low maintenance. Also, a small space can quickly get customized that designs room for you to personalize the space.

One space at a time

Many of our clients get confused while remodelling their space, as they view the entire area as one. Our experience suggests people focus on one corner at a time. This idea not just helps you effectively design a room, but it also helps your financial plans. 

Use Glass Separators

Glass separators in the bathroom, balcony, or living space instantly expand the room. The glass creates an illusion of a large area, and the room won’t appear congested and cluttered. 


The colour you add on the walls determines whether the project is a success or a significant failure. While renovating the space, a vibrant colour or fresh paint coat of your choice will make the job half-done. 

There are more such unique, cost-effective ideas that you can imply on your property to uplift your home’s look and feel instantly. Connect with our home interior designer in Pune for more elegant interior designs.