There are many reasons why small bedroom ideas are trending today. Budget is one of the prominent reasons. Some modern 2 BHK and 3BHK houses also compromise bedroom sizes significantly. On the other hand, some like to have small bedrooms. No matter its size, the key is to decorate your bedroom to best suit the home interiors while making optimal use of available space. You can find many residential interior designers in Pune who can help you revamp your bedrooms into more productive areas.
If you’re planning to do it yourself, here are some useful tips from our interior experts for making the most of your bedroom space.

  • Simple Layout – You don’t need rocket science or intricate designing skills for planning a bedroom structure. To keep things simple, just design and arrange things in a logical order. Use the main wall for the bed, place some rugs on the side.
  • Use multitasking furniture – Use foldable chairs in a small lounge area. If possible, use a sofa cum bed. Keep cushions that can be used on the bed and sofa. Also, you can use foldable cabinets that can be used for multiple storage options.
  • Build your cozy corner – If you are the one looking for your cozy corner, then you will love this idea. Use some decorative ideas on the wall such that it should resonate with your mood.
  • Use sufficient lights – Have your cozy walls complemented with soothing lights at different places. Also, keep a table light when you need your personal space without disturbing the one next to you.
    Clear the clutter- Anything that does not suit your room’s aesthetics and consumes unnecessary space is clutter. Cluttered space not only reduces functionality but also reduces your productivity and creates a pessimistic aura.
  • Create an illusion of Space – Use wall-sized curtains or wall-size mirrors to create an illusion of extra space, or you can pick a giant art masterpiece that makes the room look extravagant but of course without compromising the wall space and cluttered region.
  • Bring the outdoors inside – If you have a balcony attached to your bedroom, you can earn some brownie points. Just place the bed in front or on the side of the patio to receive ample light. Also, add some life to a room by bringing some planters and pots in the room.

Dream Studio is one of the most regarded creative teams of interior designers in Pune that understand our clientele’ and offers a modern touch to uplift their living standards. Feel free to check out our website or contact our team to seek advice on redesigning your bedroom space.