The ideas and concepts from Vastu Shastra help us better understand and implement aspects such as design, layout, measurements, spatial arrangement and geometry of our home such that it conforms to the natural cycle of our planet and our solar system. However, the knowledge from Vastu Vidya isn’t limited to the location and orientation of rooms, as it also focuses on the minor details of the objects present within every room. The living room, especially, is elaborated with great detail about the accessories in it and how they affect the lives of all your family members. Here are some of the common accessories of a living room and how they should be used to maintain peace and happiness in your life:


While buying any furniture such as coffee tables or recliners for your living room, always try to choose straight and bluntly edged items rather than curvy round items. A fish aquarium is also considered to be a powerful beacon of positive vibes in a living room. However, it may also attract negative energies if not placed with appropriate orientation. All the large furniture pieces such as the showcase or consoles should be placed to the south or west or south-west to the facing of the room.


The southeast corner is considered to be the best direction for television to moderate its use and ensure everyone spends quality time together while watching it. Placing your TV against the northwestern wall may prove more harmful to the family and may lead to over-consumption of entertainment. 


If the living room windows open to the sunrise to the north or east, then you can use thin and transparent drapes. On the other hand, long heavy curtains are more beneficial on windows facing the western or southern side.



Empty Spaces:

The northeast corner of the living room, which is said to appeal and draw the attention of absolute good fortune should be left empty and well-maintained. You may place small plants around the corner to keep it lively and in use.


Articulately designed chandeliers are often used by homeowners to brighten up the living room and beautify the ceiling. However, hanging it from the centre of the room isn’t recommended by Vastu Shastra. Instead, try placing it in the west or south direction of your room’s ceiling.



Living rooms are supposed to be well-lit as good lighting feels more inviting and cheerful. Never use dim bulbs in the living room; instead, try the new energy-saving bulbs which project soothingly bright light evenly across the room.


When we say flowers, we’re talking about real living flowers and not the artificial ones. They attract good fortune in any corner of the room. That said, some plants that aren’t to be placed in a living room include cactus, bonsai, plastic flowers, etc.


The northeast wall can be reserved for hanging paintings and decorating artworks. Again, what the artwork depicts will greatly drive your mood and emotions. For instance, a picture that depicts pain, hunger or anger may add to your depression while a painting that represents life and gods will brighten you up every time.




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