There is no shortcut to designing a layout of a small bedroom. One has to do thorough research, seek expert help, and discuss their design plans with a well-known interior designer in Pune. Designing a small room becomes a daunting task if you are out of options. A wrong-size bed or dull furniture may turn the space cluttered and boring. And one definitely wants a bedroom that spells peace, calmness, and luxury. 

So, Dream Studio interior designers have shortlisted the best tips to turn a small bedroom look spacious and functional. Let’s have a look! 

Add plenty of light

Instead of floor lamps and table lamps, our designers insist clients install mounted lights. These lamps free up the floor space and ceiling. 

Use a Daybed

In urban projects, space constraint is the biggest challenge. A daybed doubles the size of your room. If your home cannot pull out a designated room for the guests, this sofa-cum-bed may get super handy. 

Use Mirrors

A large mirror leaned on the wall can make your room look larger,  lighter, and airier. It creates an illusion of a bigger room and reflects the light coming from the window to up the natural light in your space.

Install Big Furniture

It may feel counterintuitive, but incorporating a few large pieces in a small room will make it look grander. Create space behind the furniture to make the room look wider. 

Inbuilt Wall Desk

Since the post-pandemic, a large population supports work from home, setting up an office at home has become a necessity. A mounted wall desk takes up less room, and you can also add more storage space above the desk.

Create Separate Zones

In case the living space and your bedroom are created in sync, separate it from the rest of the room by hanging a high curtain or suspending a floating painting to divide the space even more.

Make Every Piece Count

Investing in the right furniture piece is very crucial if you are running out of space. For example, an end bench can get replaced with a small side chair. A deep sofa can get replaced with cubes that may serve as coffee tables and stools when guests arrive.

Floating Shelves

A versatile floating shelve is one of the best decor ideas for bedroom space. You can transform the area into a bookcase, laptop desk, personal workstation, or an entry table by the door to rest your daily-use items (purse, keys, mobile phones, and so on).

You can implement many such great ideas in a small bedroom to keep it clean, fresh, and spacious. Get in touch with our expert interior designers in Pune for expert suggestions to maximize efficiency while elevating your room space.