There can’t be any second thoughts on the fact that the easiest way to jumpstart the makeover for your home is to choose appropriate color schemes. Moreover, it is the economical route to give an instantaneous uplift to your living pad. But the decision of choosing the right colors for your home may perhaps put you in a dilemma. With thousands of shades and textures available, the going gets really tough when designer hands you the shade card.

Having been retained as interior designer for home and office spaces, we can help you out with few spectacular and foolproof color ideas that have withstood the test of time. Go through our ideas below before you get going:

  • Living rooms: Do you like your home to have warm and vibrant shades? Think no further and pick the dawn colors – red, orange, and yellow and make your home more welcoming. Infact the effectiveness of these colors would be more prominent in winter or cold periods. But if you like to have a chilling effect in your summer home, make sure the bedrooms and living rooms are painted with blue tones. Blue has one of the capabilities to render freshness and cool effect during any part of the year.
  • Go with nature: How about inviting Mother Nature into your living pad? Rich greens on walls and carpets with baby pink ceilings, furniture upholsteries, and curtains may sound odd, but try it out to enjoy the cheerful ambience they create. To highlight the effective shades of rich greens, you can always go for the dark counterparts on window frames and sills. Isn’t it called a natural beauty?
  • Invite light: If your living room lacks direct sunlight, it is not the end of road for a vision of bright space. You can always induce brightness in the rooms with the help of off white shades to highlight whatever light is available. With micro apartments catering the requirement of several young families, it is not possible to have multiple windows in the room and hence white can be great savior.
  • Be bold: Love to experiment and bold enough to create magic in your living room? Go for dark colors such as brown, deep blue and dark gray or bright ones such as orange to highlight your light shaded furniture and wall hangings. By the by, who said that wall loves only the light shades questions a well-known interior designer in Pune.
  • Red for kitchen: If you believe colors can enhance your appetite, shall we suggest red for the kitchen. Infact, reds and yellows are known to infuse sophisticated ambience in kitchen and you can also go for any color you loved during childhood. Reason – it creates a pleasant mood of your childhood days and revives the fond memories of those days. As a word of caution, avoid red shades if you are short tempered or have high risk factors for blood pressure.
  • Washrooms and bathrooms: As white symbolize cleanliness and purity, a lovely white coat is all it requires to bring down your stress level and induce relaxation.

Well, we have few dozens of color ideas in our kitty. If you are looking out for a best interior designer in Pune for uplifting your home, you have reached the right place. Contact us today for a detailed discussion. Believe us, we can really transform your aspirations of a dream home through elegant design ideas and methodologies that do not create a hole in your pocket.