A gym is a place where people come to exercise and de-stress themselves. The most important feature while designing the interiors of the gym invariably lies in its design. We have a team of accomplished and professional interior designers who are completely aware to design the gym which helps the people who use it to completely rejuvenate themselves.

A gym interior designer should ensure that the environment of the fitness center should be perfectly conducive to the people. Our expertise enables us to incorporate all aspects of interior designing to make the gym a full-fledged health facility. This includes the utilization of the space to place the equipments optimally.  One more factor which needs to be taken into account is that the aesthetics of the gym should be maintained to make it attractive as this will help to retain the clientele.

At Dream Studio we include the following Gym Interior Design Ideas:

Optimal utilization of the available space

We help to create a Spacious and uncluttered space to ensure ample air circulation which helps to keep the facility fresh.

Lighting Fixtures & Color Scheme

Including proper lighting fixtures will make the gym look more bright and radiant. It is very important to have lots of natural light which will help to keep the gym sunny and bright.

It is always important to choose the right color scheme for the gym as it helps to improve its overall appeal. If the gym also offers mind-body exercise classes like Yoga, we include cooler hues to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.


Creating attractive and functional space is the highlight of our gym interior designing. We help to enhance its looks by including beautiful floor tiles, wall paints, etc.  Decorating a gym with murals and pictures also adds beauty and style. We liven up the gym by including large size mirrors and also place green plants to add greenery. To make exercise an enjoyable experience, we also making provision for hi-fi music system and large screen televisions.

Creating theme based designs

Having a theme for the health facility will make it look more distinct and unique.  We create theme based interior designs according to the location of the gym.

Our goal is to design the interiors as per the requirements of our clients. We are considered to be the best interior designer for gym in Pune since we design the gym in such a way to make the exercising regime of your clients’ fun and relaxing.