Interior designing has continued for a fairly long time as a service in social economy. The buyers of these services mostly belong to the prosperous society who like to spend on the decoration services to make their ambiences more functional and beautiful. Professional spaces especially that have B2C orientations also require attractive interior designing. This has led to dedicated services by the interior designers that have specialized them for various demands. From office interior decoration to coffee place interior decoration and from showroom to beauty salon interior decoration, dedicated services are now offered by the professionals in this field! Leading interior decoration expert of India has offered the following 5 tips for the interior design for beauty parlour. Look out these –

  • A uniform theme to depict professionalism in the space

It is a good idea to generate a speciality theme at your salon as a mark of professionalism. Such themes could be delivered as a combination of colors and things. You can ask your interior designer to put up a polished wooden background coupled with the composite wood flooring. This should be complemented with bright white or golden downlights from the ceiling. A textured polish at your work desk and plush arm chairs would offer a perfect makeover of your salon and the customers would feel the aura through such combination. The theme of interior design for beauty parlour could also be changed as per the new trends and availability of the budget so as to give a new makeover to the place.

  • Comfort is the foremost demand!

For the customers at any beauty parlour or hair salon, comfort is the desirable component. Hence it should never be neglected! The interior design for beauty parlor should always include the good seating arrangement for the clients who should not feel disenchanted from the idea of spending some time there. Apart from the salon chairs, the sectional sofas could be placed in the lounge and waiting area.

  • Lush green live indoor plants for the lounge

Live plants add the liveliness and fresh look and feel to any place; hence these should be used to cover up the emptiness in your beauty parlour. The indoor potted palms could be used and clustered in the corners as art. Brass or steel pots are added as extra containers to shield the earthen pots that remain hidden.

  • High quality mirrors

Mirrors are the indispensable elements in any beauty salon. The customers spend a lot of time watching them in the mirrors. The decoration could be optimized by placing some good quality and artistic mirrors on the walls. It is better to put the mirrors in carved thick wooden panels to enhance the value of these mirrors and to make them look royal!

  • Proper lighting

Be careful to choose the ambient lighting as part of interior design for beauty parlour so that it suits your work and professional requirements. Do not go for colored or golden lights at the work desks because these will distort the perceptions of self and of the products being used. White lights are the best option while golden ones could be used in showcases.