Home is a special place defined by the comfort it offers to its dwellers and this is the reason that each one of us wants to be at home when not at work! There are innumerable dimensions that all combine to determine the affinities! Inside the home, some specific places like kitchen are really significant because here the food is cooked and served to all. We savor the best of delicacies made in a kitchen by our mom and hence this place cannot be neglected. But often, the kitchen does not receive the dedication that it usually demands. This results in the neglected state and management of the kitchen. Through simple and easy ways, one can develop appeal and décor in the kitchen too. Here are the tips and counsels in this regard as offered by the leading residential interior designer in Pune. Have a look at them –

Paint the old cabinets with new color and shades

Repainting the older cabinets in the kitchen could be among the best options to give a new and clean look and feel. It does not take much time or money to repaint the cabinets that have gone dull and acquired dirt and grime over the years. Just take up a brush and get going on a weekend and you will find adorable beauty addition. However, the choice of new color is very important. It is advised that you go for some unconventional lighter shades rather than the same darker hues which are very common.

Install wooden flooring in the kitchen

If you can afford to spend more then installing the wooden flooring could be a good idea. There are different types of wood flooring options available in a market. You can choose the teak or the shisham textures. Leading interior designers in Pune are using composite wooden flooring options which are cost effective also.

Establish a seating system inside kitchen

If your kitchen is big enough in space then try establishing a seating system inside it. You can choose either two seats or a four seat pattern depending upon your likes and choices. It would be better to establish such arrangement beside a window if it is present in the kitchen. You can enjoy your delicacies as a couple or family there!

Put some vines in the corner

Decorate your kitchen with lush green potted vine plant. Money plant is a superb creeper with exotic variegated foliage and thrives well in shade. You can also choose to place bamboo palm or other palms in a corner of your kitchen. This will add natural appeal to your kitchen that will be transformed into an adorable place. It will be of course a low-cost décor intervention without much to be done!

You can place a fish pot inside kitchen

Add value and beauty of your kitchen by placing a fish pot of moderate size in your kitchen space. You will love the sight of a pair of goldfishes while cooking.

Install some modular cabinets to add new and modern look

Modular cabinets define the modern trendy kitchens. Choose one which suits your space and budget and transforms your kitchen into new. Interior designers in Pune and other cities are actively relying on the modular cabinets!