Office Decor Ideas For a Vibrant Atmosphere The one magical mantra of designing your office is to perfectly balance the comfort of home and a professional business image. The idea of owning a business and an office starts with a dream, and your office interior should speak volume of what you dreamt for the future. Being the best interior designers in Pune, we help organizations create a workspace that emits creativity and promotes productivity. 

The right decor ideas do wonders on uplifting the environment with positive vibes and creating a huge impact on the success of your business. We are here with some amazing decor ideas worth trying to adorn your office with elements and keep your employees inspired and motivated throughout the working hours.

Make statement decor that defines your vision

The company’s vision and ethos should reflect through the designs you choose to display in the common area. Unfortunately, this concept is often neglected and to compete with other business organizations fail miserably in conveying the message of how they are different from others? The golden rule of making the best out of designs is to incorporate interiors that convey the right message. For instance, display the story behind the initiation of your company through artwork. However, in the excitement of doing something unique, don’t end up being someone you are not. 

Game-Changing Colours

Colour is an imperative element in any interior design. Colours are a very potent communication tool, especially at office space, where we constantly brainstorm for ideas and overthink. Red colour depicts power, courage, love, and strength. Similarly, Orange colour elicits excitement, socialization, endurance, and enthusiasm. Whereas, Green colour brings balance by evoking calmness, perfection, and peace. 

Choosing the colour that perfectly depicts your brand makes your half job done. While picking the furniture, paintings, and workstations, ensure the combination creates visually appealing workspace. 

An Eco-Friendly Space

Adding more plants to your decor always works. Encourage your employees to place a plant of their choice at their workstation. This way, every employee will be motivated as you provide them with their own personalized space. Moreover, green plants are proven stress-reliever and are healthy for your eyes which need a break from continuously staring the screens. If space permits, you can create a separate cafeteria, lounge, small libraries, and play zone. The idea behind this is, your employees will never feel detached from their hobbies while working for you late hours. An eco-friendly space relaxes the brain and creates more room for powerpack performances.

The Lighting Effect

Make the best of natural and good lighting. Even the best matching furniture and chic desks can become epic failure without proper lighting. Natural light is free, healthy, and most importantly, has zero maintenance. Keep the window areas unobstructed and if there are blinds used, keep them open throughout the day. Expert commercial interior designer in Pune recommends installing window film to restrict UV-rays from entering the office/home premises. After all, your commercial space should look brighter and as secure as your future.

In the case of artificial lighting, skip the conventional lighting options and install individual LED lighting strips at every desk. Many organizations opt for Halogen lamps hanging through the ceiling or mounted on every desk. 

Bring attractive views to display

Do not shut the world out. If your office has a scenic view, install glass doors and keep the windows open to showcase the picturesque view of beautiful mountains, palm trees, a busy street, or lakes and oceans. For clients who lack such scenic view at their endowed property can consider an amazing backdrop. Shop for exciting options like waterproof, glare-free, and wrinkle-free backdrops, or anything that suits your style and brand image. 

Focus more on the little things 

Stationery items such as pen stands, writing pads, scissors, files, and canopies should depict your professionalism. Even the dustbin you select to place underneath your table should match with the entire texture of the office. These may be little things but surely never goes unnoticed by your clients. The colour and texture of stationery items play a vital role in showcasing how much dedicated you are towards your organization. Black echoes power and sophistication, and never fails to impress a board meeting or client interaction.

If your job demands to be creative and innovative, choose funky colours such as shades of orange, yellowish pattern, and hot red texture to add different designs for an appealing look.

Add a coffee station

A large number of the population starts their morning with coffee. Everyone loves coffee, especially when it’s free! Add a coffee and omelette station equipped with the best brews, coffee filters, personalized mugs, and fancy storage compartments. The result you will see will be fantastic when a team builds over a cup of coffee or instantly boost their energy levels when feeling low. 

A welcoming entryway

The entryway is the first thing people notice when they enter your office. It must look visually appealing and welcoming. You can hang your team photos, inspirational quotes, and artwork that perfectly portrays your business ethics and vision. Add a table-top with some business magazines to offer the guests an insight into what helped you become successful. Industrial or contemporary floor lamps to match with the entire atmosphere. Add a big clock on display to keep track of the time. It does not just help your employees function well but also works as excellent office decor. 

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