Our home is not only made of brick and mortar walls but our emotion, which we express by decorating. Home designing is a spectacular subject and keeps changing with changing times and trends.  Residential Designers in Pune are highly in demand because designers keep innovating their skills and experiment with different materials to design spaces that set them a class apart from the rest. This time Dream studio brings you some amazing ideas for using glass in the home’s interior design. 

Glass ideas

The Glass can give a very classy and deluxe touch to the spaces. It can be used  as :

  • Cabinets of kitchen and wardrobe–  Glass cabinets in the kitchen will add the convenience of looking at things you need at a glance, thus saving a lot of time and adding durability in cabinets. You can use non-breakable glasses as a medium to enhance the shelf life of the cabinets. People also like using solid glass designs in their wardrobe to add an edgy look to their wardrobe.
  •  Floating Glass shelves– You can use floating glass shelves for decorating showpieces. Use tempered glass with rounded and shiny edges that will add more to the beauty of art pieces’ assortments, without taking the unnecessary physical- visual appearance of shelves.
  • Use art glass for windowpane– Other than traditional transparent, shiny glass, you can incorporate very stylish art glass in window panes. It will not only beautify the windows but will also give you morning colors. Avoid using any opaque designs in window panes for allowing natural light in rooms, you can choose to design with some transparent but colored designs for better aesthetics.
  • Replace your doors with smart glass technology doors- Smart glass technology is sensitive to light and voltage. They turn opaque in light and transparent when light is lesser. 
  • Use Tabletops as glass tops– Although most center tables are made of glass, you can choose glass over wooden tables for your study and office as well. It will give a clean, shiny look enhancing the overall aesthetics of the place.

Benefits of using Glass in Interiors

 Glass offers various benefits in interiors other than beautifying the ambiance. Some of its profound benefits are as:

  • It allows more light inside.
  • It gives your room a rich and stylish look.
  • It gives a magnified illusion of spaces.
  •  It increases the creativity level of home decor.

As far as interior decoration is concerned, Dream Studio applies well researched interior design blueprints in projects. We experiment with the latest trends and infuse durability in designs such that we can give you the most productive and functional use of every inch of space. You can completely trust our interior designers in Pune to give better than what you have visualized of your home. Contact our experts for more information on interior design.