One of the most common questions raised by clients is about the difference that exists between Architecture and Interior design. Though there is a subtle difference between the two concepts, one can be excused for assuming the two to be same. There also exists a discussion pertaining to the roles and responsibilities that each profession has –such as the space where the role of the interior designer ends and that of the architect begins and vice versa.

Whenever interior designers in Pune or interior designing firms in Pune gets in to discussion with their clients pertaining to plans about the building of their new home or even during renovation of their existing house, the topic of difference between Architecture and interior design tend to arise. House owners want reassurance right from the beginning that the project built or remodelled is done efficiently by assembling the perfect design and also by the best team.

Though both the profession of Architecture and Interior designing hold great value and are held in high esteem, there tends to arise friction between the competing professionals in situations where they are unclear about the tasks or steps that tend to overlap in a project. In fact such misunderstandings happen always. Though some clients may have had very good experience right from the beginning where things would have worked in their favour. This blog is for those who have plans to undertake building or remodelling of a project.

Similarities between Architecture and Interior Design Concepts:

Before understanding the difference that exists between architecture and interior design concepts, let us understand the similarities between the two:

  • First and foremost experienced interior designers (different from interior decorators) and architects are qualified to develop, design and create spaces to fix the problems of house owners. This they do by spatial designing and planning
  • Architecture and design fields both are considered as an art and science.
  • The spaces created by both architecture and design fields need to be structurally safe and sound along with functionally and aesthetically pleasing and appealing.
  • Many technical areas of design have to be considered by both disciplines by thoroughly understanding it and taking the same into consideration in the plans.

Differences between Architecture and Interior Design Concepts:

Theoretically speaking, both the fields of architects as well as interior designing comprise of highly trained professionals possessing exhaustive knowledge of architectural principles. Though both the groups study different disciplines, architecture is a better and highly regulated field. More than anything else, architects have to design homes that are the safest for the residents. As architects tend to work with the main structure of a home, they are authorized to make alterations and changes to it. On the contrary, an interior designer can make changes to the different areas of a house without interfering or altering the actual structure.

What does an architect do? (Role of an Architect)

  • To design an entire structure of the house both interior as well as exterior.
  • To make each and every plan inclusive of electrical and plumbing requirements.
  • Concentrate on the exterior design plans along with interior architectural work and ceiling finishes.
  • In exclusive cases, choose the floor tiling as well light fixtures.

What does an Interior Designer do? (Role of an Interior Designer)

  • Does the job of styling and designing home interiors (Generally all rooms)
  • Takes into consideration lighting plans for all rooms.
  • To choose tiles and design back splashes lights and flooring. I.e. fixtures and placements.
  • To focus on selection of interior materials, hardware materials, finishes, wall paper, paint, colour, drapery and window treatments.

There are many good interior designing firms in Pune who employ both architects as well as interior designers such as for meeting all your architectural and interior designing needs. Approaching them would solve all your problems pertaining to designing of your home under one roof.