Small rooms have the impression of confinement, uncomfortability, and somewhat uninviting for the guests. Unfortunately, there is least you can do to increase the size of your room. However, you can create an illusion of a larger room with these easy and simple hacks. Our home interior designer in Pune has compiled up few of the best design concepts that can fool the eyes, making the room look roomier then it actually is.

1) Play with the Colors
Colors like white, blue, and yellow have the impression of magnifying the surface thus, bringing in the impression of a spacious and airy room. Dark colors tend to absorb the natural light and fails to blend in the texture of the room, making the room look much smaller. Another trick you can apply is to try shades of colors on the walls. Painting the wall trims and moldings in a shade lighter than the rest of the room will give a pop-up look to the space.

2) Light Arrangements
Natural light is the best illusion substance one can put to use for their small space. According to our leading Vastu consultant in Pune, if you have an access to natural light, make a way for its entrance in your living room or bedroom. This helps the positive energies to keep flowing smoothly in and out.

3) The Organization is Very Important
A room cramped with unnecessary stuff limits the space provided in it. Allow the storage furniture to come for your rescue. This way, you can neatly arrange your stuff and get them out of the sight. A bed with storage cabinets or the wall-mount shelves works perfectly for a small spaced room.

4) Mirrors Can Do Wonders
Choose the best corner of your room and adjust a long-sized mirror adjacent to it. A mirror placed diagonally to your bed creates the illusion of a bigger space. One can also go for transparent tables, chairs, and dining tables that help you look through the entire room. Transparent furniture can easily blend in the room texture giving you the feel of a large spacious room.

5) The Art of Choosing the Right Furniture
Our expert interior designers in Pune understand how tempting you find the big sofa and wide tables. However, one cannot deny the fact that the larger the furniture the more space it is going to cover. Choose the furniture that does not end up blocking your pathways. Also, tall sofas or furniture create an illusion of small ceiling. Try placing the large furniture against the wall to open up the whole space. Take your chance of installing the furniture that coordinates with your wall paint. The similar color helps even the largest of furniture as it easily gets mixed with the entire room space.
We, at Dream Studio, never fail on designing a home of your dream. We understand the sentimental value behind your home interior designs and hence, our professionalism is all about your desires and our ideas put in the right way to deliver the most incredible and unique home designs.