After a long and hectic day, we all deserve a comfortable bed to lie down and reenergize our body, mind, and soul. So where would you prefer going after wrapping up your busy day? Of course, your bedroom! Your bed is the place you spend 1/3rd of your life. Hence, comfort is never out of compromise here.

Dream Studio – One of the best Interior designing firms in Pune, like always, has brought you some of the best ideas one can opt for if comfort bedroom is your priority and we guess that includes everyone. Without further delay, let us jump on to some must-have accessories in your bedroom.

1) The Quality of the Bed

Never compromise over the quality of your bed. The more wisely you invest in it the better your life becomes in every aspect. Our interior designers pay exceptional attention to the details when it comes to designing the bed for our clients.

2) The Fabrics

Don’t go for a lot of shimmers and violent colors. A mild colored cotton bed sheet, a duvet, four pillows, and a blanket are sufficient enough on your bed. Remember, your bed is the most private thing and of course, closest to you. Keep it simple and it will provide the comfort you were looking out for the whole day.

3) The Mattress

No one likes to start their day by stepping on a cold and hard floor. Let yourself step out of bed on a soft warm mattress and be surprised on how magically the cozy feeling boosts you enough to go along with the day ahead. Invest some decent amount of money and time while choosing a soft mattress for your bedroom. Make sure it is soft enough and absorbs every inch of your stress as soon as you step on it.

4) Keep it Personal

As mentioned earlier, the bedroom is the most personal thing we owe to ourselves. The environment of your room must help you connect with your soul and loved ones. Add some of your best moments captured in a frame and place them on the front wall so that each time you open up your eyes the loved ones smiling simply make your day.

5) The Lighting

Like our living room and kitchen, bedrooms must shed on some mild lighting that reconnects our mind and soul. Remember, your bedroom is the place you choose to crash on after a hectic day. Least you would desire for is intense lighting arrangements that irritate your eyes. Ask your designer to pay special attention while choosing the lights for your bedroom.

Many of our clients expect us to bring a “special” touch to their bedroom. “Special” is something that comes from the vibes your presence bring along. We can help you define beauty, maintain elegance, or aim for royalty but that special vibe is 100% your responsibility. Our Home interior designer in Pune understands the emotions behind creating your home interiors. Therefore, our accomplished and prudent designers work up to the level of perfection that you were aiming at.