Choosing a paint color for your home can be extremely confusing and exhausting. A right color combination can make your home look edgy, comfortable, and peaceful; on the other hand, a single mistake can end up in a total disaster.

We have got some tips with the help of an interior designer in Pune to help you in making an informed decision and making the task of choosing appropriate colors for your own haven.

  1. Picking the Correct Sheen

Sheen highlights the flaws, and you would be trying to hide them. So go with as little sheen as possible.


  1. Testing the Paint Color against Furniture and Fabric

Along with testing the color on the wall, you must also check how it looks against your furniture and fabric. The wall color and the rest of the color must complement each other.


  1. Testers

Testers are very important in making the right decision. Trying some patches of colors on the wall gives a better idea of how the color will look at different times of the day.


  1. Neutral Colors

Colors look good and exciting but too many of them can look chaotic. Firstly, what needs to be decided is where the focus should be in the room. If it is the walls, one can choose bold colors for them, but everything else they must be in neutral shades. Alternatively, if there are a lot of colors in the room already because of the artifacts and blankets, the wall colors must be neutral.


  1. Choose an Inspiration

You can seek inspiration from your artifacts, the color of your blankets or curtains, or teapots and teacups. You can seek inspiration even from the lush green of your garden or from a city sky. Bringing the outside of your space inside is a very interesting idea for inspiration according to interior designer firms in Pune. However, they also gave a warning regarding this idea as it can backfire if not done carefully. To prevent this, one must check how the color looks in daylight as well as at nights with both windows open and closed. This would help get an idea how the color translates in your space.

Your house is the space of your comfort and convenience. It is important that its interior provides you the comfort you would want after an exhausting day outside. Colors affect people psychologically, and choosing the right colors would keep you healthy.