Believe it or not but the texture of your house plays a vital role in the path of your success and family well-being. Commonly termed as the “Vastu Shastra for Home”, it is defined as the science of harmonic arrangement of the five elements of the Universe – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky. According to the experts, Vastu is meant to add value to a man’s life. When it comes to family we tend to go miles for their happiness and prosperity. But, there are a few elements we often ignore and are yet potential enough to block the positive energy.

Are you running short of money despite of earning well? Chances are the Vastu of your home is not playing in favor of you. Money is an important part of human’s life and failing to put a hold on it is a bigger concern, especially if there is one breadwinner in the family. Our Vastu consultant in Pune has got your back. Keep reading and by the end of this article, you will understand how Vastu can help stay the Goddess of wealth in your home forever.

1) The Place You Keep Your Money

There can be a locker or a corner of the house where your money and valuable assets (Jewelry, property papers, insurance papers, etc) are kept. Vastu defines “North” direction to be the best for keeping these valuables.

2) The Entrance of the House

The main entrance door of a house resembles the gateway to wealth and prosperity. If you are planning on buying a new house, make sure the entrance door faces towards north or east directions. Keep the entrance area scented, clean, and breathing because, in Vastu, the entrance of a house is where the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi resides.

3) Art and Décor Items

Many might not consider it but the paintings and art culture have an auspicious energy channeling within. Adorn your living room with paintings of the goddess, Buddha, Ganesha, or any religious idol you build faith in. The paintings, artworks, statues, and idols enhance life aspects such as finance, career, relationships, and wealth.

4) Goldfish and Flowing Water

Flowing water symbolizes attracting wealth. Similarly, goldfish, in Vastu, is considered to be the most auspicious element augmented in-house. They not just create a positive environment but also unblock negativity from every corner of the house.

5) Spacious Kitchen

Vastu defines kitchen to be the deciding element of healthy family relations. Make sure the new house you bought has a spacious kitchen. For many who desire to live in a furnished apartment and cannot do much about the kitchen space can look for one thing – Make sure the space between the kitchen’s sink and stove are distant enough.

To know more about Vastu Shastra for Home contact our expert team of Dream Studio. We don’t simply shape houses but design homes to make you and your family’s life comfortable, auspicious, easy, and peaceful. For any queries related to Vastu, design, structure, and cost, contacts our accomplished team and we can have a one-on-one talk because when it comes to your home compromising and doubts are always off the table.