An ancient way of designing homes, Vastu Shastra is very important to bring peace and happiness to your family. Using the 5 elements of nature– Fire, Water, Earth, space, and air, Vastu modifies these diverse sets of energy to bring prosperity, success, and mental peace.

Vastu is also defined as the Science of Dwelling and Science of Architecture. According to this, every living or non-living thing emits energy which creates a huge impact on our lives one way or the other. Therefore, Vastu helps positioning the objects in relative to the Earth. Whether it’s a new home you just bought or planning a renovation on your workplace, our Vastu consultant in Pune will help you create stability and harmony in every field.

Here are few tips and guidelines to follow Vastu from our experts:

1) Furniture

Furniture adds beauty to your home and is a decorating element. Choosing the right furniture like tables, sofa, chairs, and shelves will benefit the residents up to a great extent. Make sure there is always an inch gap between the walls and your furniture. The energies should be kept flowing and any blockage to this can attract the negative energy.

Tip: Try placing the furniture in the West or South direction.

2) Colour of the Rooms

Bright colors are a big yes by our home interior designer in Pune from Vastu point of view. Colors like blue, yellow, green, and white are the best options to bring energetic vibes into your home. You can either use these colors as a solid paint or can opt for shades of these colors in a few corners of the house.

Tip: Avoid using black and red paint colors on your wall space, as they are considered to be strong and intense colors.

3) Doors and Windows

The doors and windows are the strongest means of energy flow according to Vastu. They are considered to be the gateway of energies. Make sure the doors and windows are designed in such a manner that it attracts good energy for bringing peace and harmony to your house.

Tip: Be mindful in designing the doors and windows opposite to one another for cross-ventilation.

4) Curtains

The living room is the entrance gateway of all kinds of positive energy and must be left free from any obstacles. Our interior designers in Pune suggest avoid using heavy curtains or dark shades as it blocks the flowing energy. Lighter color drapes and curtains not just uplift the overall texture of your interior but also help bringing happiness from Vastu point of view.

Tip: Use sheer curtains if the entrance of your living room is faced north or east (the direction where the morning sun arises). For south or west-facing windows, go for a mixture of heavy and light curtains.