Regardless of the space and architecture of your small den, there is always room for design and easy hacks that make your room look spacious and airy. Dream Studio – A well-renowned name among top home interior designer in Pune are here to help you bring elegance and cleanliness to your small home.

Read on and discover some of the best smart wall storage ideas that perfectly solve your storage problems.

1) Tables are Never off the Tables!

Ottoman Storage

Tables, Ottomans, and wall shelves are the must-have on your list if your home lacks free space. A special attention given on quality furniture can save you adding up more accessories/décor to set your room vibes. Try hiding your blankets, some interesting magazines, books, or headphones inside these tables so that, you can pull them out whenever you feel an urge to chill around.

2) Hanging Baskets for an Ethnic Home

Ethnic Basket Storage

Investing on quality ethnic fruit baskets to hang on your wall is just another cute little idea coming handy in a small spaced room. If you are someone crazy about crafting and DIYs, you can wrap the baskets in ribbon or some other fabric materials that boost its charm. You can also place these baskets on your table to save the need of décor accessories.

3) Hooks! A Lot of Hooks!

The true inspiration comes from shopping stores. Most probably you have observed stores utilizing fancy hooks to hang the clothes on display. If you are someone who wants all your favorite clothes, keys, toothbrush, and towels in front of your eyes then fancy “S” hooks can be your savior. Easy to attach and remove from the walls, they are quick hacks for time savers.

4) The Inside Bed Cabinets

Bed Storage

Ask your interior designer to design your bed with cabinets and sliding drawers beneath. Your backpacks and once in a while used accessories could easily be adjusted below your bed. To avoid those piles of cartons and bags mounted on, try storing them under your bed for a clean and tidy bedroom.

5) Lastly, the Shelves are Always Compulsory

Shelves Storage Idea

A kind of old-fashion but wall shelves always saves you from storage scarcity. Work on the different colors, metals or wooden shelves that add a funky, yet elegant pat on the walls. Shelves help you multitask. How? You can either use them to display your kitchen accessories or bookshelves. They are also the best keeper of your master décor accessories that could become the focal point of the entire house.

Our Dream Studio interior designer in Pune never runs out of ideas when it comes to uplifting the overall look of your house. Our creative designing team keeps on brainstorming and come up with splendid ideas that one cannot resist adding to their home regardless of the space or budget.