Home decor ideas are an ever-changing process. The trends come and go. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the texture and interior design ideas so that you don’t have to change your home texture each time something goes out of fashion. Dream Studio understands their client’s concern for quality under quantity. Hence, we are back here to offer some of the topmost design rules one must adapt to that perfect finishing of their house.

Rule #1: It’s your Home, not a Dorm room!

The elegance of a home relies on the amount of space you provide to it. Don’t stuff the room with furniture and cramped items. Your lovely nest must release enough space to roam around. Unlike the dorm room of a college, you need not include anything or everything in a run to accomplish uniqueness.

Rule #2: Measure Twice and Choose Once!

Our professional Interior Designer in Pune always heart on measuring the dimensions of the house before purchasing furniture. A hefty coffee table or oversized sofa would simply block the texture. Special attention ought to be given to the curtains. Precisely measured curtains would make your home renovation work get half-done.

Rule #3: Simplicity is Equal to Elegance

People new to this whole renovation and re-designing idea often lack the knowledge of the rightful colors, right texture, and fabric. In an attempt at achieving elegance, they end up creating blunders. Start simple. A white texture with black finishing and metal upholsteries would just be perfect. If your area more color loving person, for starters you can try your hands on colors like mustard color, sky blue or silver.

Rule #4: Ask the Professionals

You might be creative in the head but no matter how much effort you put on renovating your cozy den, the touch of perfection would still go missing. Our finest home interior designer in Pune has their hands-on experience on every size of house and residences. Whether you are planning on add-ons to your house or designing a brand new raw house, Dream Studio keeps flexibility in designing and its implementation.

Rule #5: Layer Lighting

This has to be discussed. People aren’t much fascinated by the idea of installing layer lights in their home. Not until space is their bedroom or a study room. Break the old rules. A perfect lighting arrangement in the hall or kitchen would save your money on expensive furniture. Mix match the floor and ceiling. Timber flooring with white ceiling and golden pendant lighting is what describes perfection perfectly.

Our Residential Designer in Pune has worked closely on top-class projects. We understand the complexity of space and dimension of a house and the secret code to resolve it. After all, it’s your dream home.