Sports activities and gym workouts have become an important part of our lives. It is no more confined to the rich and celebrities who are passionate about their abs and features. But, hitting out on a regular gym demands extra hours out of your busy schedule which everyone cannot afford. Therefore, the home gym is one true solution for them.

Many people have this misconception about home gym getting big on their budget and might not be worthy after sometime, which is not true. Our interior designer for Gym Pune is here to help you design your own customized gym and unveil a few tips and tricks on how to keep yourself motivated without any external push from the trainer.

1) Pick the right spacious room

If you are planning on heavy workouts, choose the biggest room to fit in all the necessary gym equipment. In case you have a small space, avoid filling it up with different types of equipment. Remember the more free space you create in your home gym the more positive energy will flow and the more you stay motivated or workouts (choose a room that has large windows and lots of natural light).

2) Go for Uncluttered space

Shelves and racks might help you with multitasking but cluttering your gym space is a big NO. Instead, choose your furniture wisely. A dining table on castors could easily be pushed aside and free your room space for a workout. Cluttering your gym space will only create a distraction as you will spend more time having second thoughts on selling that treadmill you are troubled installing it.

3) Paint Your Gym in Vibrant Colors

Painting your gym walls with vibrant colors will give the whole space a clean and clear look. Colors like white, dragon red, orange, electric green, and a combination of natural and organic color (for yoga gym class) will instantly spread energy in the atmosphere. Our interior designers in Pune strictly prohibit the usage of warm colors for the home gym as the warm-hued spaces are comforting and might make you feel tired throughout the session.

4) Pay Attention to the Lighting Arrangement

LED light bulbs are much more efficient compared to the traditional incandescent. Get into a discussion with our professional interior designer for gym in Pune. We will help you find out the right type of lighting arrangement that reflects energy and motivation around the atmosphere.

5) A Mirror and Sound System is Mandatory

Mirrors at gym are not just for selfies but they help you keep going and prevent any injury. As you see yourself making progress through the mirror, the chances of improvement get doubled. On the other hand, great music help energize you during workout sessions.

To keep you prepped for your workouts, our interior designers leave no stone unturned. Our attention to detail and learning closely our client’s requirements and needs, we design the best home gym leaving a lot of space for future upgradation. Connect with us today for more in-depth detailing.