Vastu Shastra has an important role to play in Indian society be it for health, wealth, development of business, marriage, and more. Vastu takes the saying ‘health is wealth’ very seriously and includes several guidelines for people to stay in the best shape and soaring spirits. There are a lot of individuals that are suffering from chronic diseases or illness that take longer than the usual to get treated. Vastu experts are known to help these individuals get rid of their health problems by suggesting changes in the overall positioning of the things in the house.

By following the certain Vastu guidelines, you are moving closer to a healthier and fit life. Here are a few tips from one of the best Vastu consultants in Pune which will promote good health and also help individuals heal faster.

• Your health will significantly improve if you keep your head towards the South while sleeping.

• Ensure that the staircase in your house (if present) is not in the middle of the house and towards a corner.

• The middle region of the house should be kept vacant without any heavy furniture as it is the ‘Brahmasthan.’

• Make sure there are no overhead beams in the middle of the house as it could cause disturbance to the mind.

• Moreover, the ‘Brahmasthan’ should not have the presence of heavy concrete structure either and kept free from pillars, beams, and other objects.

• The gate if facing towards the South direction should be shut and should also be made of wood in such a way that the road cannot be seen outside.

• By lighting, a candle which is red in color towards the South-East direction will ensure good health.

• Make sure that the boundary wall of your house is the same height as the gate.

• If someone is not well, light a candle in their room for 1-2 weeks.

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